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Founded in 2014, it is dedicated to the research and development of wastewater treatment technology, establishing a complete aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment technology in the field of wastewater treatment, with an efficient modular composite structure. Eliminate the traditional sewage treatment system covers a large area, expansion is not easy, breeding odor, low efficiency shortcomings.

High-efficiency modular
wastewater treatment features:
First, the area of small, for the traditional wastewater treatment system 1/4 to 1/3.
Second, the amount of sludge production is small.
Third, high processing efficiency.
Four, do not produce a bad smell.
Fifth, low energy consumption in operation.
Six, modular architecture, expansion is easy.

Guangcheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guangyu ring can help you in the future environmental trends to get the first chance!

Patented technology

Biofiltration reactor

To ceramic as a biological carrier, with simultaneous filtration and biodegradation functions, and can replace the setting of the two sinks.

Anaerobic reactor

Anaerobic reactor sedation application of multiphase anaerobic biotechnology within the cycle of biogas gas lift, with good impact load resistance, shorten the domestication time of granulated anaerobic sludge, and greatly reduce the demand for acids.

Biofluidized Bed Reactor

Biofluidization bed technology - bioactive carbon as a biological carrier, with adsorption, biodegradation, bio-regeneration functions.

Modular architecture

According to the sewage characteristics and treatment requirements, the modular combination of anaerobic and aerobic reactor steaming becomes a complete treatment, the system has multiphase efficiency, small footprint and easy to expand characteristics.

Patented technology:

Anaerobic treatment techniques

Biofluidized Bed Reactor

Biocarrier Filter Reactor

Photovoltaic plant nitrate wastewater treatment project

Modular and efficient waste (dirty) water bio-treatment technology

Engineering performance

Wastewater treatment system engineering

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